Sunday, April 28, 2013

Repost: Spirit of the Style

This is one of my first posts here on Apostolic Fashion. I am reposting it for two reasons:

1- it really is the basis of why I started this blog; I saw some things going on around me that I was concerned about, and wanted to make a difference.

2- this is my last post. I have felt for some time now that this blog has served it's purpose - I see other blogs about modesty and holiness, and that encourages me. I'd like to think that I've made a difference in someone's life. The Bible says that there is a time and season for everything - that includes this blog - there was a time and need for it, but now the time has come for it to end. It's been a pleasure writing, as it was my hope to help people in their holiness walk.

The Spirit of the Style

When I was 14, I became infatuated with the Goth style. For those of you not familiar with it, Goth clothing is mostly black, and can usually make people feel like crossing to the other side of the street, because the wearer of said clothing looks scary, depressing, etc. Anyway, to continue my story, I began wearing a lot of black. I probably didn't strike people as Gothic, simply because I didn't own much black, and I was trying to be careful so as not to alarm my parents. When I put my black long-sleeved shirt and black skirt on (I still dressed modestly – perhaps it could be called “Apostoli-Goth”), I felt different. I felt a little “bad”. OK, I know you're probably laughing, but I was 14! I felt like a different person; almost as if I had put on a costume for a play and was going out to act like someone else. This “costume” of mine, unbeknownst to me, had a spirit attached to it... a spirit I wasn't prepared to deal with. Thank God for godly parents that prayed and prayed for me during that rough time in my life! I made it out of that phase, only by the Grace of God! (so there's a little bit of my personal testimony). Just for the record, it was a very short-lived phase... Maybe a few weeks.
Now, do I still wear black? Of course; in fact, I have a super cute black suit that I love to wear with a big black hat. The difference? The spirit. For those of you out there who don't think there is a spirit involved with what you wear, you are dead wrong (no offense...)! While I at the time did not realize what it was, I was flirting with a spirit that didn't jive with my Holy Ghost spirit. Clothing is very much linked to the spirit world. Think about it. When I put on my Goth clothes, I was putting on something else – the spirit associated with it. I won't try to figure out exactly what spirit it was – probably the spirits of depression, anger, and rebellion – but I do know that the spirit wasn't Godly. When girls dress provocatively, they are putting on the spirit of a harlot; for men dressing in the metro style, they are putting on the homosexual spirit. These spirits come with the outfit – you cannot wear the outfit without the spirit affecting you! Be wary of the spirits you keep in your closet!
Just as ungodly spirits can come with clothing, clothing can come with a bonafide Holy Ghost approval. The kind of clothing with the HG stamp of approval will help you keep your Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is our guide in all areas of our lives, including clothing. If we are full of His Spirit, we will notice a different feel in the clothing we pick out. That skirt may be long enough according to your church's standards, but sometimes you may not feel comfortable in that skirt. You may not be able to put a finger on why that skirt is not good, but your Holy Ghost will help you make godly decisions.


Friday, March 29, 2013

Advice for Gym Night

First thing - wow it's been forever since I posted!

Some really quick advice for gym night. Let me clarify that apostolics enjoy healthy competition, but we do not engage in organized sports. We do, however, love to have "gym nights" after revivals, conferences, and youth services.

When attending a gym night, one falls into one of three categories.

1) hardcore, "I'm gonna play all night and be extremely sweaty by the end."

2) I might play, but if I do, I'll only play one game. I'm there for the socializing, mostly.

3) I am here solely to hang out with friends, have a good time, and watch. Don't bother asking me to play.

You can typically tell who falls into each category by their outfit choice. Here are some suggestions for holiness during fun times at gym night!

1) typically guys, though girls can be like this, also. For guys, this includes warmup pants, basketball shoes, long sleeve t-shirt, LONG undershirt (tucked in). The shirt can be tucked in, also, to help with modesty. Please please please, guys, tuck your undershirt in! I love to watch basketball, but the midriff viewing is more than I typically bargain for. For girls, wear a nice, long skirt that is roomy and not snug on the rear end. Have a long undershirt tucked in, and a roomy shirt that won't show your body's movements.

2) this group usually aspires to look cool, while maintaining the option of playing, if they feel the urge. Loose-fitting jeans, a button-up shirt, and comfortable shoes will work for guys. But please remember that no one wants to see your stomach, if you decide to play. Girls usually go for a jean skirt or knit skirt, a cute top and flats. As long as your outfit is loose-fitting, you should have no problem playing if you so choose!

3) this is the group I fall into! This is the fashionable group, because they don't have to worry about sweating. Some of these people don't even change after church. Others do the whole "I look perfect" thing. On rare occasion, one of these group breaks out of the stereotype and plays volleyball in their suit. Usually, though, they stand at the sidelines and look cool (I'm personally still working on that part of it).

Whatever category you fit into, remember to always dress modestly!


Monday, October 8, 2012

Colors of the season: Navy Blue

Happy fall, fashion lovers! I hope you are enjoying the weather wherever you may live. I am ready for it to get cool enough that I can start wearing my sweaters!

I am enjoying the new colors that are huge this season! So I thought I would dedicate some posts to each of the hot colors for fall. This post is all about navy blue - always a classic color. It's nice to see some of the cute things people are doing with navy blue. (some of the pictures below are from Pinterest).

Lovin the "school girl" look right now - lots of navy blues and reds out there!

Love the idea of a navy dress with a wide ivory belt!

Currently drooling over the trench. And I love the green accents!

Nordstrom jacket. Didn't bother looking at the price, but look at the detail on this jacket! So cute!

All in all, navy is an essential color for your fall 2012 wardrobe. It's a great base color for all the other colors that are in right now.

(if only I could find a pair of navy shoes that I really liked!)


Monday, September 24, 2012


I love pleats. They are so perfect! The design of a pleat allows for such a graceful flow. Pleats dress stuff up, whether a jean skirt or a dress skirt. Pleats are very flattering for any body type.

More Pinterest pictures!

Look at how slimming those pleats are! Sure, it's on a skinny model, but still!

I love that both of these pictures show a flowy, very feminine skirt paired with a more casual top - a button up shirt and a jean jacket.

Look at the jean jacket in this picture. She has the sleeves turned up once, and has the collar turned up. Very stylish combined with the long sleeve button up shirt she has underneath.

I love the fact that she's wearing heels with the jean jacket.

Oh yeah, and just remember this: if you are carrying a Starbucks cup and wearing sunglasses, YOU ARE FASHIONABLE! :)


Monday, September 17, 2012

Striped maxis - transition to fall!

Stripes are in. Striped maxi skirts are the skirt to have! See the attached pictures for inspiration.

Since it is fall, I know that most people are thinking about fall clothes. I love the second picture - pairing the striped maxi with boots and a fall-styled jacket for an autumn look. Won't work if you live in a very cold part of the world, but for those of you who live in places where autumn is mild, this is super cute!

The last picture shows a short skirt, but the idea is still awesome! Pair the striped, knit skirt with a nice blazer in a fun color!

These skirts are versatile - great for work, church or vacation! Pair it with a sweater, jacket or button-up shirt (belted - oooo!) and flats, boots or TOMS for work. For church, a nice jacket, color-coordinating shoes (flats or semi-casual heels), and a cute clutch. For vacation, wear it with flip flops, a big hobo bag, a loose-fitting shirt (belted), and a hat!

One of the best things about these skirts is how inexpensive they are - they can be found at Target and Old Navy, for roughly $15-20 or at Nordstrom and other places if you want to spend more.


Monday, September 10, 2012


Ever been in this position?
- that really cute/cheap skirt is too short! Maybe it's long enough, but you need/want it to be longer for various reasons (I need my skirts longer for work purposes)

An answer to the problem? Revamp it!

Here are some ideas that can help you revamp the skirt. I've done this on skirts and it adds a certain zing to skirts! I've only done it with cotton print skirts, but this can be done with other materials.

- add a border. If its a print skirt, get a solid color material. You can add a plain border, or pleat it! The pleats really look awesome and get a ton of compliments!

- cut and add. Instead of adding a border on the end, add a border in the middle! Cut 3-5 inches off the bottom of your skirt, add a solid color border to the skirt, then add the 3-5 inches of fabric onto the end of the skirt. it creates a little bit of a color blocking affect. I did this once with a wide piece of ribbon - it adds such a great element!

Do you have a great way to revamp a skirt?


Monday, September 3, 2012


Ok these are some hairdos I saw on Pinterest that I would love to learn to do!

Sorry about the shoulders. It looks simple enough, but I know it's gotta be harder than it looks!

This waterfall braid thing is huge right now - wish I knew how to do it. I can't even French braid!

Cute messy approach! Not quite sure where I would put the extra hair, since they just loop it up here, and my hair is way longer than that. Of course, I don't know how to do this kind of braid either.

Messy bun. It's so much harder than it looks - it takes a lot of work to get that perfect "I didn't do anything with this hair" look.